Meet the Team

Stacy Gielda

Improve competitiveness in the global marketplace, companies are reducing costs through outsourcing–the purchase of goods and services from suppliers. In many cases, outsourcing is less expensive for companies than producing these goods and services internally. Companies, however, do not always achieve their ultimate goal of competing more effectively. This is because decisions to outsource are primarily based on the promise of lower direct costs, without considering other source performance criteria that also impact costs and ultimately competitiveness.

Stacy Gielda is an independent consultant with over 15 years of experience working with investment capital, workers’ compensation, outsourcing companies as well as the life and health industries. His commitment to establishing a trusted business advisor relationship with his clients has enabled him to maintain strong customer relations for over 15 years. Stacy specializes in working with companies ranging from 100-5000 employees.

You can reach Stacy at 602-885-4488 or

Matthew P. Morris

20-years in the Navy prepared me for the next chapter in my career. My passion is helping others and I get that through recruiting. Whether it be for the Navy or other companies I have had the pleasure of working for, I get the same sense of accomplishment knowing when I can match a client with the candidate they are looking for.

Since I left the military in 2006, I have attained my Bachelor’s degree in Business Management and graduated in October 2012 with my MBA. This knowledge has prepared me to be a better recruiter where I am more efficient and thorough. My next step is to prepare for the SPHR examination in 2013. I believe taking SPHR examination which will round out my resume.

The core values which I respected in the Navy (Honor, Courage and Commitment) will propel me to success and all future endeavors. I pride myself by going above and beyond when working with both candidates and clients by taking a more personal touch.

Specialties: Establishing rapport, marketing, career counseling, recruiting, leading, and training.