Merger Acquisitions Opportunities

Mergers and acquisitions (M&A) and corporate restructuring are a big part of the corporate finance world. Every day, Wall Street investment bankers arrange M&A transactions, which bring separate companies together to form larger ones. When they’re not creating big companies from smaller ones, corporate finance deals do the reverse and break up companies through spinoffs, carve-outs or tracking stocks.

Venture Capital

Companies in the startup stage of development may have been in business for only a few months. Companies in the early stage of development have generally been in operation less than 24 months. These fundings represent the first time a company receives financing from a professional VC firm in exchange for equity. More mature companies–those in the expansion or late stages of development–are not included in the analysis, even though they may have received venture capital for the first time in 2007.

New Business Ventures

It’s impossible to grow a successful business as a one-person operation. Sooner or later, you will have to share responsibility with one or more partners. Thomas Alva Edison, an inventive genius who took out more than 1,000 patents, started several great companies. However, every one of them collapsed once it got to middle size, and was saved only by booting Edison himself out and replacing him with professional management.

Rare Earth Mine-to-Market Strategies

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Workers’ Compensation

Payroll Services

Special Services

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