peo_faqOur strategy helps guide the management in selecting the best sources–those that will raise performance to world-class levels and improve competitiveness. To improve sourcing decisions, the concept of the Strategic Business Unit, or SBU, is applied to each source being considered to provide the company with goods and services. Following the SBU approach, similar product and service lines are grouped together in the corporation. As a result quality levels, delivery performance, customer service, and product advancements, as well as costs, are more easily measured and improved. Just as the focus on these five criteria leads to improved SBU performance, the same approach can be applied to enhance the performance of the individual sources of goods and services. This is accomplished by similarly quantifying and improving the quality, delivery, cost, customer service and product advancement performance of the companies’ sources, whether outside suppliers or in-house functions.

Ablesource was created to help businesses network at a higher level. Our clients acquire the ability to leverage one organization “AbleSource” to help with their tasks.

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